Friday, February 17, 2006,12:21 AM
another pretty good day.
today (yesterday) was another really good day.

Classes went well today. Greek was really interesting, we went over the homework we had and didn't get past the first question. Dr. Fipps is a stinking incredible teacher, his classes are difficult and he doesn't pull his punches and you know what I like that alot.

Ken Medema was awesome in chapel today, he should be a music producer , he is just amazing!

Frisbee was awesome today! The weather was incredible, so sunny and warm. We had alot of fun, attitudes were great and it was a hard fought win.

Dinner was fun too....found out they put out Golden Grahams. Needless to say when I heard that, I yelled at Cody, he got up and we took off running, RUNNING across the caf for a bowl. We think that before its all over with one day when they have something like Cinnamin Toast Crunch or GG again, we are going to go over, rip the container out of its holder, take it over to the milk, fill it up and get a couple of spoons and eat the whole thing with some friends. Yeah we are stupid but would laugh if you saw 4 guys eating a huge container of cereal.

oh i forgot i have clothes in the dryer and its almost 1:30....i need to sleep....more tommorow
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Thursday, February 16, 2006,12:23 AM
good days
today (yesterday) was a good day. I just finished RA duty and about to enjoy some sleepy time. Got a ton of greek work due tomorrow. I'm on duty this weekend and its going to stink because Winter Jam is friday and I wanted to go. And I don't think there will be very many people on campus so not alot of people to hang out with.

Good news is I got alot of stuff done today. I got the vans secured for our rock climbing program next week (all apt guys and suite guys are invited).

Played scene it! tonight and won again. I'm so far undefeated and thanks to Looy for being a great partner.

really want to some how see/get this movie called Nochnoy dozor, the english translation is Night Watch....its Russian and it is apparently incredible. I've spent so much time looking up stuff about this movie it is down right stupid, probably should have been doing actual work :(. anyway Night Watch is only coming to America tomorrow in select cities. But the dvd is out in Europe as well as the sequel that has already been released to the theaters and its called Day Watch.

on a side note....kinda feel like if I felt this passionate about Bible study all the time I might grow by leaps and bounds as a Christian. I am reading books and scripture some but not as much as I feel I really should. Kinda feel like I have some misplaced passion. :( anyway I'm working on that too.

Well folks its 1 and i've gotta check the lobby and then I'm crashing.
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Monday, February 13, 2006,11:43 PM
like/love is a four letter word.....
yeah i said (love) is a four letter word!

Valentines day is here HOORAY :(.

What stinks is I wish I had a nice girl to do something for tomorrow. I wish I just knew a nice girl that would actually date me. I may be a little picky but you have to be. I'm not bad looking by any means, I happen to think I'm pretty nice and I know I'm pretty darn hilarious. It just makes days like tomorrow ...really stink.

I went to walmart tonight and they have tons of flowers. I passed them on my way back out and stopped, I looked at them some of which were very pretty. I stopped and picked one up and looked at it and thought about giving one to someone. And then I threw it back in the stupid display it was in. Its just frustrating.

I just wish I could meet a girl that was into me and not some jerk.

I think if you like somebody you have to tell them. It might be embarrasing to say it, but you will never regret stepping up.
--Don Miller

I'm not saying I disagree with Miller. The hard part about relationships with girls is completely saying how you feel because there are two paths that conversation can go down. I was bold and stepping out on a limb last year and last semester and it worked for a while, I was confident in myself and really felt like something might work out but it didn't. And after it didn't that really did something to my confidence. I just feel like all the nice things I do are pointless, girls like jerks and I'm not one so I'm easily overlooked. I know thats not true all the time but when stuff like that happens to you more than does get old.

Anyway I'm not going to talk about girls for a while because it wears me out.

Happy Valentines Day
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,9:03 AM
the picture

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Saturday, February 11, 2006,2:55 PM
bowling night
Last night I went bowling with about a bagillion other people from the school. Student activity bowling night! yeah. It was pretty fun and I had a really good time.

Andrew my old roommate was in charge of the thing and he made it "dress like your nuts" bowling night. So everyone dressed up....including yours truly. I was put up to it by a friend of mine but it was funny. She gave me a huge fuzzy coat and a mobster hat...yes let that mental image roll around in your brain.

I had a really good time, bowled one of my best games and managed to win a free one too!
Took me a little bit to get over seeing someone I really didn't expect there and the fact she was on the lane behind me didn't help at all. But I survived lol.

I lost all three games to a friend of mine.....she beat me pretty bad too. But the great thing about last night, I didn't have this overwhelming desire to be competitive I was just trying to bowl and have fun. It turned out to be the best night of bowling I'd ever had and me and my friends went a lot last semester. soon as I get a picture of me in that coat and hat I'll post it up. I figure it'll be worth a couple of laughs
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Thursday, February 09, 2006,12:25 AM
What's so amazing about Grace?
Picked up a little book by Phillip Yancey today. note the title of this post. It is really deep in a simply way. Hits the mark and keeps on punching. I read the first chapter and this beautiful quote was at the end of the chapter. Here it is.

Many years ago I (Yancey) was driven to the conclusion that the two major causes of most emotional problems among evangelical Christians are these: the failure to understand, recieve, and live out God's unconditional grace and forgiveness; and the failure to give out that unconditional love, forgiveness and grace to other people.... We read, we hear, we believe a good theology of grace. But that's not the way we live. The good news of the Gospel of grace has not penetrated the level of our emotions

As Christians (the Church as a whole, the Bride of Christ) we should be the people the lost, the poor, the sick and the hurting turn to for love and help. Instead we are the last place most of those people would look for help let alone love and to me thats pretty horrible.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006,1:26 AM
rough day...
today was a rough one.....

Woke up and i felt like i had been beaten up in my sleep, so I hurt all day. got tackled playing frisbee and that pretty much did me in for the day.

Then went to get ready and prepare for Unwind.

So was a disaster. I was already flustered from stuff from the day and we planned the date way back in January and what happens. 3 other student activities pop up on the same date as ours. Then 10 minutes before we start our program the bulb in our projector blows. So our weekend update skit just died. To top it off I had to close with a devotion, and it was from some thoughts i've been having regarding dying to self. I was so frustrated at that point I had notes and i couldn't read them. I actually read the passage I wanted to alright, i was just so frustrated I couldn't see straight. honestly at that point i just wanted to say...hey thanks for coming....i'll pay you cash to come back next time.

the crap thing is the day before was a really great day and then i wake up and blam.....mack truck rolls though and demolishes the next one. I want some consistency.

anyway life is good....just frustrated and i feel stupid, nothing i'm not used to.

its almost 2 and i'm literally about to pass out.

i hate duke
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Sunday, February 05, 2006,12:37 AM
i feel cynical
We just finished watching Lewis Black for about 2 hours, it was a great to laugh with a bunch of friends.

Today was a pretty good day. Went for lunch with a friend at Sardi's in Clemson, had a great time, had some laughs, talked about a ton of stuff. I like having really good conversations with people.

Went to the baseball game for a little bit, interviewed some prospective RA's and went to dinner.

I've been RA duty since about 7 and its probably the most boring thing on the planet EARTH!

I have something I really want to write about but i'm really tired and I want to go to bed.
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Friday, February 03, 2006,2:43 PM
time for some R&R
well got my History of the Wesleyan Church test back today....and I dropped a train on it. 96 i'm pretty happy about that. Took a Systematic test about 30 minutes ago though, we'll see how that turns out.

I'm on duty all weekend so I'm stuck on campus for the most part. Hoping to have some people to hang out with, maybe play some Scene it!. Tommorow night Cody, Hank and I are going to watch every single Lewis Black standup show we can get our hands on, its gonna be great and we need to laugh.

got stuff to do.
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,12:51 AM
interesting quote
"What is sad, what is very sad, is that we are proud people, and because we have sensitive egos and so many of us live our lives in front of our televisions, not having to deal with real people who might hurt us or offend us, we float along on our couches like astronauts moving aimlessly throught the Milky Way, hardly interacting with other human beings at all."
--Don Miller

probably not buying that tv cable now
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Thursday, February 02, 2006,8:41 PM
full swing
Things are pretty much in full swing for me. Greek is actually kinda fun! Just felt like saying that.

Anyway our College/Young Adult thing went well (not sure what to really call it)

Started reading Blue Like Jazz, almost forgot how great it is. I really want to read Through Painted Deserts now.

Really want to get some new dvd's soon. I would like to get the Firefly complete season but it is expensive.

I'm starting to want to go buy a tv cable so i can watch TV in my room. Makes me nervous because i've done without for almost 9 months now, i have a feeling this could be bad.

Anyway, tests to study for and stuff to do.

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