Tuesday, November 07, 2006,1:25 AM
winds of change...
I have only 40 or less days left in my undergraduate college life and I am deeply saddened. At times I think I've even sabotaged this semester in a effort to be here longer...I really don't think I did major damage but I didn't put out a lot of effort.

I'm sad this is about over, but I am really excited about what is ahead. I'm sending out an email to the National Superintendent of Australia for the Wesleyan Methodist church there. I spoke with Chuck and he said they could use head pastors and assistant pastors in several places and that it would be real good to email the guy and see if he could use me and explain to him a little about myself. I'm really stoked because Charles said they have a huge young adult population that I would probably blend well with. I have to say I'm just excited in general because no matter how this pans out I am going to find (if God opens the doors) a place to work and get ministry experience.

we had a John Ott come to our evangelism class last week and I really enjoyed his lecture. He started the last part of his lecture with a question about Moses. He asked when Moses got his command to go out and minister, and everyone of course answered the burning bush. He then asked a question that had to do with his point. He asked when Moses found his Holy Discontent, I knew instantly that he was talking about when Moses murdered the Egyptian, this was when Moses had enough. John said we have to find our Holy Discontent, we have to be fed up with the way things are and be determined and have the heart to do something about it. He said once we know what it is to grab hold and run with it and never let go. Well I know exactly what mine is and I've known for a while, I've just felt intimidated or ill equipped to do something but I feel like I'm being made ready and I'm excited about it. I'm excited about what God has planned for my future.

All the love I've met
I have no regrets
If it all ends now, I'm set

Will we make a mark this time?
Will we always say we tried?

anyway I'm going to sleep, I need to get to chapel in the morning and then I've gotta drive home.

P.S. Thank you GlaxoSmithKline
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