Sunday, November 20, 2005,10:00 PM
U2 concert!!!!!!!!!
Yes finally I have seen one of, if not my favorite band in the world live. U2 was amazing, the stage show was crazy with all the lights and effects. But the music was incredible. I heard all my favorite songs. Beautiful day, Sunday Bloody Sunday, I Still haven't found what I'm looking for, Where the Streets have No Name, Bad and With or Without you. They played more classic U2 which I loved. Its hard to write about concerts because its just something you have to experience. Heath and I talked about it afterwards and he said he hoped heaven was that way. What he was refering to when he said that was the way 18,000 people in that arena knew the songs without having to be shown the words and it was so loud. Heath said he could picture the angels in heaven leading us in a chorus of worship and it sounding like that. So yeah it was pretty amazing.

On another note this past Tuesday Heath put me in charge of developing and spearheading a new college and young adult service which is everything I've wanted to do and have been thinking about for a month or so now. I'm so blown away by this new responsiblity; we both feel like this could be a great thing for this area. A time for college students to get together for some comedy/fellowship and devotion time.

Headed home in a couple days for thanksgiving which will be nice.

Everyone have a great week,
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005,3:51 PM
Emery/As Cities Burn I celebrated my 22nd b-day
It was incredible to say the very least!

The first band we got to hear play was As Cities Burn. they were awesome....rocked my socks off. Got the bands autographs which was pretty sweet.

But the highlight of the evening was Emery.
I can't really describe the concert but it was awesome

The set list was

So Cold I Could See My Breathe
Ponytail Parade
Playing with Fire
By All Accounts Today was a Disaster
Returning the Smile You Have Had From the Start
Left with Alibis and Lying Eyes
STUDYING POLITICS (one of my faves)
and the last song was WALLS and it freaking rocked

me, cody, jared and jeffery screamed so much we are all horse now.
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