Sunday, February 20, 2005,12:10 PM
so far so good
well it would be just a little into sunday afternoon and its been good so far. I am feeling better, my throat is sore from all the drainage but i can tell its healing. most of the cold is gone and i'm in good spirits. Heath got me a stinkin awesome present. he got me the Red Sox World Champion hat. I've gotta break it in and stuff but it's a sweet hat. well i'll write more later.

Jason out
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,12:49 AM
man I hate being sick. HATE i'm using hate here. yeah second time in 5 weeks i've been sick and i'm rather tired of it. for almost 3 days now i've had to quarantine myself to keep from passing it along. anyway its been rough, i mean rough. and to top that off i had a powerpoint presentation on friday......little did i realize that a 5 to 7 page research paper was also due....and i planned for just the power point. So on top of being sick i had to write a paper thursday night. I got it done and everyone said for being sick i was on my game with the presentation. The paper however i'm sure i'm going to be eaten alive on. anyway i'm trying at least. i've been so absent minded lately and really not all there. its wierd too i've felt like i've really just wanted to be alone. i don't really understand it, maybe its being sick but i kinda feel anti-social. i have a feeling its just not being 100%. a little sunshine though...the pastor i work for heath called me tonight ...he went to florida for a youth pastor meeting and he called to tell me he had something for me and that i'd flip my my brain started to think......what does heath know would make me flip my lid. well MLB spring training is in FL right now. that means my boys the Red Sox are there. hmmm if it is some kind of Red Sox gear i will flip for real.

i'm kinda tired right now but i can't sleep because i've gotten about 20 hours of sleep in 2 days so....i feel like a battery. but i prob will go to sleep soon just so this bug doesn't come back on me.


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Tuesday, February 08, 2005,1:38 AM
i don't get people at all
i don't get people at all. for what ever reason i actually believed i knew people. but nope they continue to surprise me all the time. even here at SWU a christian university they surprise me. now i'm not perfect i get angry and i mess up and and sometimes i do things i shouldn't but i can honestly say i'm striving to grow.

yeap i'm going to rant again

i don't care who in the world reads what i'm about to say.


some people go out of their way to break it. seriously.......don't come down to the lobby after you've been drinking whatever to play cards, thats just ignant (spelled like that way for humor) .

am i completely wrong? i don't think so.

****end rant****

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