Friday, September 02, 2005,12:46 PM
hard rock!
Its like the middle of the day and i'm kinda bored so i figured i'd make a post. I've been listening to Christian hard rock for sometime now and honestly i love it. I like other music too don't get me wrong but here in the last 5 months or so hard rock has been where its at for me.

I guess its because I'm an emotional person, my emotions affect how i act and respond to things. When i'm listening to a band like Blindside, Underoath, Emery or many of the other screamo/hard rock bands i feel like i'm ready to go, i feel like i could pick up and run a marathon....and half way down wesleyan drive i'd pass out lol. They communicate so poetically while screaming, its like being able to yell and make sense and talk about God all at the same time.

I think Christian music is really going places, its reaching people in a radical new way and showing them Christ's love.

I've compiled a little list of some of the bands i'm currently listening to.

(these first ones are personal faves)
Brave Saint Saturn (really heart felt lyrics)

(Others that are really good)
Demon Hunter
Norma Jean

If you have any to suggestions please post a comment.

Rock on!!!!
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