Monday, January 10, 2005,11:54 AM
back to work
back in the big Central SC. Glad to be back, missing my friends and my good buddy Jake so its different around here.

The good thing is so far financially i'm looking good. I still want to get a job somewhere working like one or two days just enough to make some pocket money.

Looking forward to playing some frisbie and running again. I'm not looking forward to greek but my goal is an 80 to an 85. I know i can do it if i just study.

well more later

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005,5:14 AM
i think too much
i just finished watching Ned Kelly and now i'm listening to a bunch of live music from Jimmy eat World, Yellowcard and Jet. And getting down to buisness I can't sleep.

I've had alot going around in my mind here lately. Alot of different thoughts on life and God and faith and a few other things.

What has been troubling me most here lately is santification and sin and truly stepping away from the sin that keeps me captive and from being truly what God wants me to be. Its been a hot topic here lately surprising since i'm not at school with so many people around that would discuss this sort of thing. I finally realized that as humans we do have control over sin, it is a consious decsion to sin or not to. Of course we need help, something that will keep our focus on holding fast to what God has set for us rather than letting ourselves get mired down in this world.

For a long time I bought into the lie that we can live a comfortable God fearing life while comfortably wallowing around in sin. Why I thought this and at times get fooled into believing again I don't know its our nature and its something I want to change. I don't want to be a like the pharasees, i don't want to be this "thing" that Satan can hold in front of God and say "this is a believer? this is a servant of yours? God what are you doing? this kid is preaching and look at him. Wow God you know what your right those human beings really love you and that son of yours look at this one, he loves you, he loves you so much he keeps doing things asks for forgiveness but oh look yeap he does it again. Wow God you really know what your doing"

Understand that is just my own thoughts there but seriously do we as Christians ever consider that Satan might come at God? I know its slightly liberal on my part to think I can understand what goes on on the supernatural realm. But Satan talked to God in Job so I guess i'm going off of that. But why do we want to be subjects to sin or to Satan? I can see what it does to my life what it makes me think and say and do. I don't like that. I don't like thinking somehow I am hurting God or Jesus or that i'm just some "thing" Satan likes to pull out and throw in God's face.

So I guess after all that I'm trying to say I believe in santification. I believe that with God's power we can triumph over sin. And that i'm truly tired of being a slave to satan and his sin instead of a servant of the holy God.

I ask that we all hold each other accountable and especially those that are called to preach we need to be on tighter guard of each other and demand more from each other.

well it's 2:40 in the AM and breakfast is at 7:30

"In the economy of mercy
I am a poor and begging man
In the currency of Grace
Is where my song begins
In the colors of Your goodness
In the scars that mark your skin
Is where my song begins"

Peace and Love

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005,4:00 PM
man this is going to work............................BOOOOM
yeah thats basically how i feel after spending 40 bucks on digital cable and stuff to digitize my xbox signal to my reciever only to discover................that my reciever only has digital out. What a bust I've got to take all that stuff back to Best Buy and I hope get my money back.

Went to asheboro yestarday to see some swu bros. It was super fun, the pizza was great polished it off this morning for some breakfast. Got to see jake one last time before that sucker goes to oxford (you freakin punk) .

Glad to be going back to school here in the next week. I'm missing everybody and I might actually snag an apartment which would be really nice considering I could cook. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, having a set schedule gives me something to wrap myself around because sleeping til 2 is for the birds.

On a personal note.........I need a accountability partner. I think it would strengthen my walk a great deal. We have our little groups at school but I'm talking a one on one kind of thing. So if anyone is willing just let me know

well later

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