Thursday, November 11, 2004,9:03 PM
These are strange times we live in. Boston won the World Series, I turned 21, and Bush was re-elected. Talk about a wild couple of weeks since my last post. Went to WCU to vote, found out for some reason my registration was messed up so I cast a provisional ballot that prob didn't count but hey I made an effort and he won anyway. Any way Halo 2 has come out and its pretty sweet. I don't play as much as about everyone else around here, I still haven't beaten it where as some people that don't even own the game have lol. Anyway school is going ok, this semester is a beast. I expected to be able to come into this semester and basically do things like i've always done them, but its still awesome. Somethings are a little disappointing but the good cancels out that. I'm glad Bush won, but I won't gloat about it because Kerry ran a brilliant campagn. The issue I have taken offense at really has nothing to do with the Democrats themselves just their "over zealous" supporters. Half of Hollywood declared to leave the country if Bush was re-elected. My issue with Michael Moore was that 2 days after the election he was screaming impeachment. The issue with the Hollywood folks is this, they seem to love making millions of dollars, expressing their opinions and having that awesome right to vote. However, following the voting usually comes the results. So they love America, the money, their rights but the moment that Bush gets elected they say stupid things like moving to Canada. Now don't get me wrong Canada is wonderful place but why say something like that? You love the country so much that the instant that one of the most awesome things that we have the right to do doesn't go your way you want to turn your back? Is that patriotism or something else? And secondly Michael Moore just why does he have it in for Bush? Impeachment seriously what has Bush done to deserve impeachment, certainly not sex in the Oval Office. Maybe I'm completely wrong, in some peoples opinion I'm sure I am but hey look I just expressed another right of mine. Free Speech.
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