Tuesday, March 01, 2005,5:37 PM
i figured out my login name finally yay.

ok where to start. well last week was nice. i mean real nice. monday was alright, tuesday was alright, wednesday was pretty sweet. wednesday I went to lunch with Heath and since he knows a bunch of local radio station guys i got to meet those guys. they were all pretty interesting characters and it was fun to talk sports with them. but the coolest thing was that the Clemson Womens basketball coach ate with us. Yes i know, Clemson women who cares. But i sat across from this guy, can you say you've eaten lunch with a division 1A school coach? WELL GUESS WHAT I CAN.! so yeah that was cool. on a low note, cody, jay and myself were all recovering or feeling sick so we lost our frisbee game by 1 point. it was frustrating for several reasons. i wasn't throwing for distance like i usually do, i couldn't run because of the crap in my lungs. anyway next week we'll play harder.

thursday and friday were alright. saturday i got home. sunday was good. Went to a youth missions rally in kernersville with Brian and the kids. It was awesome. Cody was there so it was good to hang out and junk. got to talk to b-hill and andy roy which was awesome, me and andy caught up a little bit, it was good to hear he is doing well. ran into some friends i hadn't seen or talked to in a while so that was good too.

that brings us to Tuesday. got up this morning went to help dad with a house. i picked up some piping and stuff for sinks. when i wasn't cutting ceiling tiles i studied greek. I studied about 4 hours worth of greek and i'm honestly feeling more confident about several things. i'm going to make it this semester, i will not let this thing beat me.

Wish there were some people around here to hang out with cause i'm pretty bored.

well thats it i'm out

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