Saturday, June 10, 2006,7:39 PM
I've gone to see about a girl
Took me long enough to make this post ;)

For little over a week I planned to surprise Looy by going to visit her in Augusta and help her move to Asheville. So in an effort to surprise her I worked it out to go down to Augusta on Tuesday night to surprise her and help her move to Asheville on friday. It was great, she had no clue and I completely surprised her. Considering she thinks I'm terrible at keeping secrets from her for once I think I did well ;). Her re-action was so funny, with a huge smile on her face she just kept punching and then hugging me.

We spent a few days together and it was really great. I missed her and it was good to spend time with her.

Friday before I left Asheville I had decided I wanted to tell her I loved her. Those are words no one should ever take back and it was something I had been thinking and praying about a great deal. I wanted to tell her some place special. We both like the outdoors, especially the mountains. So I took her up on the parkway and told her. It was hard for me because it really meant something. I cryed a little and finally got it out. We hugged for a while and I said it a couple more times which made her laugh. She didn't say it back because she is still taking her time to realize if she loves me too. Which is completely ok because I would much rather us both be sure than it be rushed.

I love Looy because of everything she and everything she is becoming. She is already this incredible woman that I see growing more and more in the Lord everyday and that is awesome to me. I love everything about her all the things that make her who she is. She is so incredible beautiful in every little way. I love her because she is truly amazing. I liked her from the first day I met her. I thought she was so pretty and she seemed fun, and she has this incredible smile. I got to know her and realized this girl is something else. In the time we have been together I've realized Looy is everything I thought she was and so much more, I care about her more and more each day.

I love Looy because she has gone from a friend that I liked and cared about to my best friend whom I love. I feel completely comfortable with her, we talk about everything. I can be myself around her, I don't ever have to impress her because she hates it when people try to impress her. I love her because of how I feel when I'm around her and how that when she's gone I miss her. I love her because I trust her completely and she trusts me. I love the way her smile captivates me and the way her face lights up when she laughs. I respect and admire her strength during the hard times I've seen her deal with. I love the way she makes me feel respected and cared for. I love how we share little things like musical tastes and like watching movies and hiking but at the same time I appreciate our differences. I love how it feels when I hold her hand and how my heart still skips a beat when she comes in a room. I love how when we kiss I feel like time slows down. I love her because for 2 school years I've liked her and not been able to really show it and now I can and she knows it. I love her for all the little things that few people would ever notice or even think about, like the freakle on her nose or the yellow band around her iris. I love her because the center of her life is God and she knows that I put Him first too.

I love her because I like being with her and don't want to with anyone else. She has my heart. I love her because she is completely special and unique to me. I desire so much for her to know that I love her and am committed to her. And that I desire to cherish and care for her and treat her like a woman should be. She knows I'd do anything for her

“All of this suddenly happened
It was nothing before you go
From being alone and empty
To belonging and being with you
I possess the honest pleasure
Knowing what it means to be loved”
--Kate Earl

I love you Looy. :)

(this is the abridged verson lol)
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